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Blue Hat Speech offers in-home or facility-based assessment, advice and therapy for adults with communication and swallowing issues in Samford and surrounds. We provide practical, functional and client-focused treatment to ensure therapy is successful and sustainable.

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“My goal is to maximise my clients’ communication and swallowing abilities using personalised therapy, to help them live a better life.”

Jo Harris

Communication & Swallowing Problems

  • Swallowing disorders – difficulties or pain
  • Dry mouth issues
  • Speech & language difficulties after stroke or injury
  • Neurological diseases affecting speech & language
  • Dementia & age-related communication issues

Typical Patients

Elderly, Stroke recovery patients, Parkinson’s Disease, MND, MS, Dementia patients, Ataxia, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Maximising Swallowing & Communication Potential

We understand the importance of finding the right clinician and treatment to ensure our loved ones get the best long-term outcome. Our treatments follow best practice guidelines, combined with approaches that are practical, supportive, personal and realistic.

We understand that the family best understands the client’s strengths and needs, and we work closely with family members to ensure therapy is both successful and sustainable. We draw up therapy goals together so clients feel empowered and invested in their therapy. Our goal is to maximise function and ability, through evidence-based intervention that suits the whole family. 

Areas and conditions NOT treated by Blue Hat Speech:

  • Children
  • Autism
  • Severe learning difficulties and associated disability
  • Adult stuttering and complex voice disorders

Jo Harris, B SP Path., M.S.P.A., C.P.S.P.

Jo is an adult speech pathologist with over 25 years’ experience. She has worked within schools, the community, private practice and within the hospital setting both here, interstate and overseas. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathology Australia (CPSP).

Jo is a local who started practising in the Samford area in June 2017. In the recent past, she has worked within Community Services with adults experiencing a broad range of communication and swallowing disorders. Directly prior to this she was working in a private practice in Clayfield seeing children with a range of speech, language and literacy issues. Due to Jo’s wide range of experience she brings a practical approach to managing and working with communication and swallowing issues. Jo has a strong interest and knowledge in the area of MND and degenerative diseases. 

Medicare / Speech Pathology Australia

FAQs & Fees

When do I need to see a Speech Pathologist?

There is never a wrong time to contact Blue Hat Speech, even just for a free chat to put your mind at ease.  

If you have concerns that your adult family member is having speech, language or swallowing issues, it is never too early to call and find out what the warning signs may be that indicate further investigation is required.

As a general rule Speech Pathology may be beneficial if:

  • People not understanding the adult’s speech
  • Difficulty swallowing or choking or regular chest infections
  • Dry mouth symptoms

If the adult is struggling and feels different, it is time to contact a Speech Pathologist.

What happens at the first appointment?

At this appointment, the clinician and family meet and discuss the main issue. The initial questionnaire is reviewed and any extra case history information is collected. Both informal and formal testing may happen at this point. This is an opportunity for the family to ask questions as well.

The first session often focuses on rapport building and informal assessment / observation. Usually the clinician will be able to give a synopsis of what they feel the issue is and what the short-term plan of action will be. The next appointment will be set and other requirements will be made clear. Payment will be taken at the end of each session. 

NB: It is best if the adult can attend with only one other adult.

What does therapy involve?

Therapy sessions are usually 40 mins long. Homework exercises will be set each session. It is expected that a significant other will attend therapy each time in order to understand the therapy and home exercises. Therapy is usually weekly or bi-weekly.

How long will I need to attend Speech Therapy for?

The length of treatment varies greatly depending on the nature and severity of the issue. It is important that home work is completed and that the specific issue is addressed in an ongoing way. The more consistently the issue is addressed the faster and more effective treatment will be.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, anyone can make an appointment. However, if you are wanting to access a rebate through Medicare you will need to talk to your GP regarding eligibility through the Medicare Allied Health Initiative first.

What are your fees?
Can I claim rebates from Medicare or my private health fund?

Private health funds all vary but most offer Speech Pathology in their “extras” cover options. You will need to talk directly to your health fund regarding eligibility. 

You may be eligible for rebates for up to 5 appointments per calendar year through the Medicare Allied Health Initiative. Your GP will need to complete a Chronic Disease Management form and this form must be sent / given to the Speech Pathologist.

You will receive an invoice for services rendered after your Blue Hat Speech appointment. On payment you will receive a receipt which will contain the information required to claim a rebate through Medicare. The rebate is approximately $54 per session.

Do you visit homes and facilities?

Yes, Blue Hat Speech visit you in your home within the Samford / Dayboro district. 

Blue Hat Speech can visit your health facility. Prior arrangements with administration may need to be made. 

All consultation are inclusive of travel fees.

Are you a COVID Safe Business?

We are a COVID Safe business, and operate under the COVID Safe Business Framework for Queensland

Does your work cover Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

Yes, depending on the nature of the physical problem, we can advise in the area of assistive communication devices. These help people with communication disorders to express themselves. They can range from a simple picture board to a computer program that synthesises speech from text.

Where can I get general Speech Pathology information?

Please visit the Speech Pathology Australia website. 

Our Approach


We deliver a transparent service, involving family closely in therapy and encouraging feedback and enquiry through the client’s journey with Blue Hat Speech. It is imperative that all clients feel informed and in control of their treatment.


Best Practice

Blue Hat Speech is focused on keeping up to date with new approaches across the field and attends regular workshops and seminars. We also deliver therapy that is based upon research and follows best practice guidelines as set down by Speech Pathology Australia.

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